3 Excellent Tools for WordPress Development

Top WordPress Plugins
Introduction Maybe you’ve been creating websites with WordPress for a while, or maybe you’re about to create your first WordPress site. Either way, there are thousands of WordPress plugins and tools to help you get the job done. After purchasing hundreds of plugins, I’ve settled on 3 that help me reliably build every website. I […]

How to Cheat at Web Design

InfoActive Screenshot
You have a lot of ideas and the drive to make them happen. But you can only dive so deep into a discipline before that little voice starts warning about diminishing returns. This article will help you calm that voice in a big area: design. The first and most important principle in cheating at web […]

Firebug Can Cause Multiple Google Analytics Hits

Well this is annoying… While developing a WooCommerce plugin to reverse eCommerce transactions on Google Analytics, I started noticing an odd issue: Google Analytics was recording multiple page views for no apparent reason. I realized the issue was occurring while viewing my Analytics’ Real-Time report. I would occasionally see a second page hit followed closely […]

Bypassing Groups Restrictions

Wordpress Groups Plugin
Introduction This tutorial is a follow-up to “Create a Premium Social Network with WooCommerce“. The Groups plugin allows you to restrict content to a specific set of your members. But there might be times you want to display the content’s excerpt or featured image to entice new users to sign up for your site. A […]

Create a Premium Social Network with WooCommerce

WooCommerce and BuddyPress
Introduction This tutorial will guide you through setting up a social network using WordPress, BuddyPress and WooCommerce. In the end, you’ll be able to offer paid membership subscriptions with premium content. Specifically, the social network will: Create a monthly membership product with automatic recurring billing. Require customers to pay for a monthly subscription to gain […]

WooCommerce and Google Analytics eCommerce setup

Analytics Sales Report
Introduction Tracking your WooCommerce sales in Google Analytics can be hugely beneficial to understanding your business. By enabling eCommerce tracking, Google Analytics will provide a wealth of information about your visitors, how they found your products, how long it took them to buy, how much you’re making from each traffic source, how much each visit […]

WooCommerce is simply awesome

Some products suck. Some products meet expectations and I don’t think much about them. Some products are good and I might mention them in a conversation. And some products are awesome. When a product is awesome, I actually get excited about using it. It goes beyond meeting an intended need and enters into an experience […]