WooCommerce is simply awesome

Some products suck. Some products meet expectations and I don’t think much about them. Some products are good and I might mention them in a conversation. And some products are awesome.

When a product is awesome, I actually get excited about using it. It goes beyond meeting an intended need and enters into an experience that’s fun or intriguing or even enlightening. When a product is awesome, I tell people about my experience and what I learned from using the product. When a product is awesome, I almost want to get involved with it. WooCommerce is an awesome product.

I’m not an affiliate of WooThemes – the company that makes WooCommerce; I wish I were. And I’m not benefitting from writing these glowing comments. I’ve just been using WooCommerce for a while and I know that it just doesn’t get better: solid and complete features; exceptional support; a strong development community; code that is well written and commented; and end-user¬†+ API documentation. If you want to install and run your own eCommerce solution, save yourself hours of time and just install WooCommerce. It’s free. If for some crazy reason it doesn’t work for you, then go spend your hours looking for another solution. Or if you want xd3v.com to run WooCommerce for you, contact us.

Thanks WooThemes for making my life easier and creating a product that is awesome.

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